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Our mission is to help marriages and families to thrive.

Marriage is in crisis today with attacks on traditional, sacramental marriage and the domestic church coming from all angles. Our mission is to help couples connect in ways that strengthen their ability to see each other as God sees them, to understand each other in ways they may not have considered before. We believe that God made us all for communion and community, to know each other deeply and to be known. We fulfill this mission by engaging with couples in every stage of their journey together to bring them tools and insights that broaden and deepen their ability to live and love in a manner pleasing to our Lord.

Assessments and guides that provide powerful relational insights
  • Fundamental behavioral patterns and how they relate
  • Inner motivations and the power they bring to marriage
  • How we express and desire to be loved
  • How our family of origin shapes our relationships
  • Relationship alignment on numerous key marital topics
  • Identifying common ground and room for growth areas
Pre-Marriage Formation
Preparing for the partnership of the whole life

"The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament."

-The Catechism of The Catholic Church p.1601

The To Be Known Pre-Marriage Formation Guide helps to form couples to fulfill this sacred covenant.

Marriage Enrichment
Enrichment and insight to help light the path

"The sacrament of Matrimony signifies the union of Christ and the Church. It gives spouses the grace to love each other with the love with which Christ has loved his Church; the grace of the sacrament thus perfects the human love of the spouses, strengthens their indissoluble unity, and sanctifies them on the way to eternal life."

-The Catechism of The Catholic Church p.1661

The To Be Known Marriage Enrichment Guide helps to strengthen and guide couples on their journey.

How does this marriage assessment compare to other marriage assessments?

The To Be Known Marriage Assessment and Guides are designed with a few features that we believe makes them powerfully unique.

  • Our PDF Guides are visual and expressive, helping you to truly feel and experience the insights, not just read about them. We call them "Guides" because they are more than just reports. They guide you through the various modules and concepts.
  • We have worked hard to create a precise balance between meaningful, insightful detail and easy readability and understandability. The results in our Marriage Guides strike this balance.
  • Our Fundamental Self module uses robust, deeply insightful behavior and motivator metrics that are time-tested and reliable across a variety of applications and industries. Many other marriage assessment products do not dig deep into the fundamental self.
  • Our Love Dimensions module visualizes different ways that we communicate and receive love from each other. This section provides insights into how to most effectively communicate love to your partner, areas where you both may be experiencing or lacking fulfillment, and the different ways that you attempt to show love to each other. This depth simply doesn't exist in any other marriage assessment.
  • Our Family Of Origin module recognizes that our upbringing and family of origin has a significant impact on our emotional development and sense of well-being. These emotions often transfer into our marriage relationship in a variety of ways. The unique insights in this module give greater visualization and context to the rest of the guide, making the entire guide tell a story that cannot be told any other way.
  • Our Relationship Alignment modules do more than just indicate where two people agree, they get at the heart of marital misalignments on key topics and provide targeted room for growth suggestions on each page to make the Guide practical and effective for building a stronger marriage.
  • Like having your own Facilitator right there with you, our BEING KNOWN questions throughout the Guide actually walk you through the process of understanding the Guide, making couple conversations more fruitful and beneficial.