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For Engaged Couples


Marriage Formation Guide

The To Be Known Formation Guide for engaged couples is designed to form a solid foundation in knowledge of self and of your future spouse by targeting key areas that have enormous impact on a young, growing marriage covenant. Purchase of the Formation Guide includes:

  • Full To Be Known Marriage Assessment
  • Personalized PDF Formation Guide download
  • Video walk-through (Coming soon)
For Married Couples


Marriage Enrichment Guide

The To Be Known Enrichment Guide for married couples is designed to help couples, in any stage of their relationship, go deeper in their journey through revealing insights and creating conversations that illuminate key relational dynamics. Purchase of the Formation Guide includes:

  • Full To Be Known Marriage Assessment
  • Personalized PDF Enrichment Guide download
  • Video walk-through (Coming soon)

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Take the Assessment

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Read the PDF Guide

When you and your partner have completed the modules, you will have the option generate the personalized PDF Guide you purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of questions in the marriage assessment varies, but is generally between 115 and 140 questions.

We generally find that most people can take the assessment in 30-45 minutes.

We recommend that you take the assessment alone (not near your spouse) in a quiet environment where you can think and reflect uninterrupted.

No. Once you start, you can stop at anytime. Your responses will be saved along the way, so you can return and pick up where you left off, even on a different device.

Yes, you can take the assessment on any device you like, but it will require an internet connection.

Unlike taking the assessment (which we recommend you do separately), the resulting PDF guide can and should be read together. Reading the guide together and talking about what you see and read is how the guide can have it's greatest impact. You can even print it out if you like, which may make reading through it together more practical.

Yes you can. The Marriage Guide PDF is formatted to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. This may be an easier way to read it together.

The To Be Known Marriage Assessment and Guides are designed with a few features that we believe makes them powerfully unique.

  • Our PDF Guides are visual and expressive, helping you to truly feel and experience the insights, not just read about them. We call them "Guides" because they are more than just reports. They guide you through the various modules and concepts.
  • We have worked hard to create a precise balance between meaningful, insightful detail and easy readability and understandability. The results in our Marriage Guides strike this balance.
  • Our Fundamental Self module uses robust, deeply insightful behavior and motivator metrics that are time-tested and reliable across a variety of applications and industries. Many other marriage assessment products do not dig deep into the fundamental self.
  • Our Love Dimensions module visualizes different ways that we communicate and receive love from each other. This section provides insights into how to most effectively communicate love to your partner, areas where you both may be experiencing or lacking fulfillment, and the different ways that you attempt to show love to each other. This depth simply doesn't exist in any other marriage assessment.
  • Our Family Of Origin module recognizes that our upbringing and family of origin has a significant impact on our emotional development and sense of well-being. These emotions often transfer into our marriage relationship in a variety of ways. The unique insights in this module give greater visualization and context to the rest of the guide, making the entire guide tell a story that cannot be told any other way.
  • Our Relationship Alignment modules do more than just indicate where two people agree, they get at the heart of marital misalignments on key topics and provide targeted room for growth suggestions on each page to make the Guide practical and effective for building a stronger marriage.
  • Like having your own Facilitator right there with you, our BEING KNOWN questions throughout the Guide actually walk you through the process of understanding the Guide, making couple conversations more fruitful and beneficial.